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Chikondi  Means "Love"

what we do and why we do it
"Chikondi" means love, and it is the driving force behind our single-origin bean-to-bark craft chocolate. We start by sourcing our direct and fair trade cacao beans from tropical countries around the equator known as the "cacao belt." Our process involves hand-sorting and carefully roasting each batch to bring out the origin's distinct flavor profile. The beans get winnowed to remove their outer husks, and then stone-ground with organic cane sugar and cocoa butter for at least 24 hours before being tempered into bark and other Chikondi confections.

We are passionate about educating our community about the social injustices present in the cacao industry. Your purchase supports the small-batch craft chocolate movement to ensure cacao farmers earn fair, livable wages for their harvests. Join us at an upcoming class to learn more about how we can make a difference for the hard-working families that make enjoying chocolate possible. 

We hope you love our chocolate as much as we love creating it for you!

Single Origin

Single origin means our chocolate is made using cacao beans from one specific place or “origin”.   Like with wine, chocolate’s taste is also partially determined by the environment where the cacao​ trees grow. Cacao beans from different countries have their own distinctive flavor. For example, cacao from Madagascar often tastes fruity, whereas cacao from Venezuela has a nuttier profile.


The chocolate we offer is crafted from fine quality cacao, making cocoa — not sugar or filler — the star ingredient. You can taste the uniqueness and complexity of different cacao origins with nuanced flavors, unlike mass-produced chocolate made from a proprietary blend of beans from different countries to create the same taste.

Ethically Sourced

Ethics is a key ingredient to the world’s best chocolate. Our selection supports a supply chain that is more transparent than fair trade and big-brand chocolate — and tastier! Our mission is to share our love of chocolate with our community and educate on the intricacies of the art of craft chocolate and the complex social matters in the cacao industry.

The Chikondi Team

Miranda Church

Co-Founder and Sales Manager

Most of the chocolate we find in supermarkets come from large factories where chocolate bars are mass-produced. Chikondi brings a new kind of chocolate to our city, handcrafted from internationally sourced beans. I value the artisan craftsmanship of chocolate making and I am passionate about educating our community on the bean-to-bar process and how it affects farmers globally. 

Shawnae Cook

Co-Founder and Head Chocolatier

I was introduced to my culinary career through bean-to-bar artisan chocolate and it has always been my first love. Chikondi is a life-long dream come true for me. To know that I am a part of something so much bigger than myself brings me immense fulfillment and joy. I hope that you enjoy experiencing our chocolate as much as we love crafting it for you. 

Dan Church

Cacao Roaster and Manufacturer

I have a passion for bringing unique and elevated experiences to our community. It brings me great joy as I am a part of crafting Chikondi's artisan products to know that we have an opportunity to introduce people to chocolate in a whole new way. 

Phillip Cook

Cacao Roaster and Manufacturer

I enjoy being a part of something unique to our community. I have always enjoyed the journey of seeing something be created from start to finish, and I am proud to be supporting a cause that reaches globally and impacts our community in a positive way. 

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